The original Black Hawk recipe was developed when a passionate breeder became dissatisfied with traditional dog food. They resolved to formulate their own real food diet to improve the health, happiness and longevity of their dog. They relentlessly searched for ingredients that had a nutritional benefit and removed those that didn’t.

Black Hawk dog food was an instant success and other breeders quickly embraced it. They could see the results: shinier coats and happier, healthier dogs. The movement grew, and soon the Black Hawk story was being passed from owner to owner and eventually expanded to include cat food too.

Black Hawk has never forgotten its roots and as such, the MasterBreeders community is an integral part of Black Hawk’s past, present and future.

We partner with dog and cat breeders to provide tools, resources, food and other products to make sure that as many puppies and kittens are starting off with wholesome, nutritious foods and products.

The Program is currently available to reputable and ethical dog and cat breeders across New Zealand.

We are constantly searching for new ways to innovate and provide solutions to help a breeder raise healthy and sound litters through great nutrition, education, support and above all, listening to the breeder community.

This includes, but not limited to:

  • Providing fantastic take home packs for new puppy/kitten owners
  • An information hub of information for both breeder and new owner
  • Support for the new owner for the first 12 months of its life
  • Competitive pricing on Black Hawk and other Masterpet products.
The Black Hawk MasterBreeders program is our way of ensuring that Breeders, being the influencers that they are, can partner with a pet food brand that respects the incredible dedication they put into every puppy and kitten they bring into this world.

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