The Real Food Movement comes to New Zealand


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There’s a new premium, natural pet food on the block with REAL ingredients and no nasties or fillers!

Responding to a growing trend for real ingredients and eating food that improves health, happiness and longevity, Masterpet is bringing this real food movement to pets™ with the launch of Black Hawk® pet food in New Zealand.

The quality of the food you choose is a major factor in the commitment to care for pets. People feel much better about their efforts as pet parents, when they feed great food. Which is why Masterpet is bringing this premium, natural brand to NZ pet owners.

Black Hawk was founded on the passionate belief of one dedicated breeder. A breeder who believed that every ingredient that goes into a pets’ diet should matter and our mission is to continue to provide food for pets that is 100% real, ensuring they get everything they need and nothing they don’t.

Black Hawk formulates recipes that naturally nourish your pets from the inside out, using REAL meat, fresh fruit and vegetables and NO nasties or fillers – nothing but the best for your besties.

There are two ranges available to cat and dog lovers;


Black Hawk Original dog and cat foods taste great and provide complete nutrition for superior health and vitality. You will never find wheat, corn, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours in Black Hawk original formulas.

Grain Free

Grain free is ideal for dogs or cats who may have dietary sensitivities, or for those who choose to exclude grains from their pets’ diet, using alternative sources of carbohydrates such as tapioca, sweet potato and potato.

Masterpet knew the time was right to introduce this premium and natural brand into the New Zealand market. “We want to deliver brands built on sincere belief, so we set about delivering a natural food brand that provided the very best natural nutrition at an accessible price point,” said Masterpet CEO Dr Sean Duggan.

If you also believe that Every Ingredient Matters™ and want to Join The Real Food Movement for pets™, you can find out more at or look for Black Hawk at your local vet clinic or pet store nationwide from 3 July 2017.

Masterpet New Zealand is a nationally trusted and recognised pet care brand, founded in 1954 with a belief that ‘life's better with a pet and because they can't care for themselves, we exist.’ For more information visit and

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